A room with a view…

Imagine waking up each day of your vacation and looking out your bedroom window. As you gaze out the window you see crystal clear waters, you open the window and feel a warm tropical breeze flow against your face. You turn and step out into your living room and see a glass floor. Looking down at the floor you see colourful tropical fish swimming only a few feet below you. You walk out through your patio doors to a deck that leads you onto your own personal oasis. You grab for your camera, you set it and point toward the most beautiful view you can have to start your day. You snap your picture….. this is the result…..

Cheers all and welcome to Bora Bora!



10 thoughts on “A room with a view…

    1. I have to admit… this area was well you can see from the shot… however the Island although very beautiful in its landscape, has an unemployment rate of over 40% and it showed.

      1. How very sad! But it is often the case when we travel, as we only want to see the good things in life because we are on vacation and don’t want of feel guilt about the cruel reality of the places we visit.

  1. Wow! What an amazing view! I wouldn’t mind waking up every morning to this! And even if I was just dreaming, I sure wouldn’t want to wake up!

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