Beach Sunset in Bora Bora

It’s hard to believe that we have been home for over a month now and I am still clawing my way through all the photographs taken over our 42 day adventure. I am happy to say that thanks to the lousy weather we have experienced here in sunny Southwestern Ontario, I have actually accomplished quite a bit these last few days. Of course, sitting inside scrolling through thousands of pictures is not how I like to spend my almost summer weekends but what can you do! So I have about 900 left to do…. With work, life in general and of course the crap weather we have had thus far I figure I can be done in a few days for sure! Then once I  get that all done I will be full steam ahead to take you all on a journey to Hawaii then Australia and then as we head back to Hawaii, we will stop in French Polynesia.

On that note, as I was looking through my shots, this one in particular struck me today. Those of you who follow and make regular stops to my blog know that I love a good Palm Tree! I post them all the time. Perhaps it’s what they represent that strikes me the most… warmth, tropical temperatures, aqua blue or crystal clear water, bikini’s, rum punch, margarita’s, steel drums…. the list just goes on and on…. As I mentioned above the weather has been hit and miss this weekend here in Stratford. One minute we have some sun and the next it is pouring rain and windy…. what a better way to dismiss all that then with a beautiful memory of warm evening, strolling a beach with some wonderful Palm (actually I think it’s a coconut) tree’s.

Cheers all… I am grabbing a beer and sitting on my deck despite the outlook outside….



4 thoughts on “Beach Sunset in Bora Bora

  1. The weather has sucked here this weekend too :(. We even bought a new BBQ and patio set this weekend, and I hoped that would smarten Mother Nature up, but no such luck. Oh well, maybe we will be able to use them next weekend. In the meantime, I’m just going to sit here and stare at your gorgeous picture!!

  2. The lighting is beautful. I also just returned home after a vacation – mine was only 20 days and I still came home with 3000 shots. In my case, I also came home with pneumonia and sorting photos was all I could handle, so it got done 🙂 Course, I discarded about 1/2 – I usually take several of the sme thing and then keep the best one … or two …

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