Sydney’s Hyde Park

Hyde Park is the oldest public parkland in all of Australia (according to Wikipedia). On our first day in Sydney we took a nice stroll around the city and Hyde Park (named after London’s Hyde Park). The park is a beautiful open space, its passage ways lined with an impressive, tiled, fig lined road linking two of the parks other features, the Archibald Fountain and the War Memorial.

The Parks history is rather interesting. It has been used by the people of New South Wales since the late 1700’s. It was originally used as a race course, cricket ground, exercise ground and was also known as the ‘common’. What was also interesting on this day was that as we were heading into the Easter Weekend,  someone had placed little chocolate bunnies all around the grounds. We would later learn that this was a promotional thing by Lindt Chocolates.

I snapped this particular shot as we entered the park in early morning.  When I processed the photo, I gave it a bit of an antique look to try and capture some of the history and past in my photo.  In the background you can see that the path we are walking down leads to St. Mary’s Catholic Cathedral. That however, is a post for another day!



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