Surfers Paradise.. The end of the day…

I am always fascinated with the surf board. I am not sure what it is? I have never surfed but I fully intend to one day. God knows I have had the opportunities to do it but for whatever reason when at the beach (usually rum is involved) I have yet to do it. I am also intrigued by photographs involving a surf board. I can’t really say why but when I see someone walking with a surf board, it just seems to say ‘photo op’ all over it. Maybe it just represents that beach feeling I love so much.

While visiting Australia we spent some time in Surfers Paradise…. the waves were not that high on this day but before me stood the following opportunity that I just couldn’t resist…. A surfer who has had enough for the day!

Have a great start to your week…..



3 thoughts on “Surfers Paradise.. The end of the day…

  1. You must learn to surf, Steve. I learnt when I was 40 (9 years ago) when we took our students on a week’s surfing course in Newquay, Cornwall, which is the best area for surfing in England. It is one of the best things I’ve done in my life (the other is scuba diving) and it’s a fabulous way to exercise. So next time you have a chance, don’t think about it twice. Leave the rum as a reward for all your hard work when you’re done surfing for he day. Good luck. 🙂

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