Shining Down….

Happy Mothers Day to all my visitors.  A different day  for me today as this is the first Mothers Day since Mom passed last June.

Over the last few days I have been tediously working on all my pictures and getting them organized from the trip we were on. So far I am about 950 shots into the first 2400 odd shots of the Australian part of our adventure. If my posts seem few and far apart, you now know the reason. I need another vacation just to stay home and work on my pictures!

Today, I thought I would share with you a shot I took while we were in Port Douglas, Australia. A wonderful place with so much to offer. When I was reviewing my photographs earlier today, this one struck me on this Mothers Day.  A lone sailboat out on the ocean, with the sun setting as the backdrop, a beam of light shining down like a beacon. Maybe I saw that light as sign from my  mom looking down on this Mother’s Day, still guiding my way…… lighting the path… it’s what Mothers do!

Happy Mothers Day….



5 thoughts on “Shining Down….

  1. it is a beautiful photograph!
    the meaning and the colors are a wonderful combination.
    Congratulations to mom, give her a kiss for me.
    The month of June is a beautiful month but I am a mom in September 🙂
    best wishes to all mothers in the world

  2. Stunning! I am sure your mum is still watching over you. Mine passed away 17 years ago and I still have the feeling that her spirit is out there looking after all of us.

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