Go Leafs Go

Being from Canada, Hockey is bred into us from the time we are young. It’s just what we do.  Everyone in Canada knows who Wayne Gretzky is, we know who Don Cherry is and I would be surprised if there was a Canadian who has never spent a Saturday night or at least a part of a Saturday night sitting in front of the TV watching ‘Hockey Night in Canada’. It just what we do. Whether you’re a Habs fan (Montreal Canadiens) or a Leafs fan (Toronto Maple Leafs) hockey is what you do for breakfast, lunch and dinner…the quest for Lord Stanley is the ultimate goal.

Of course for some of us, the quest for Lord Stanley has been a long and at times painful road.  Our beloved Maple Leafs have broken our hearts since 1967, the last time they won the cup. This season tho (albeit a short season because of the NHL lockout) our Leafs have been flying. The parade route has been planned, we may actually finally make the playoffs… or will we?…. our beloved Leafs are on a 5 game losing streak and of course with that, all the teams they were ahead of are quickly catching up and with just over a month left in the season things are getting tight….

Yesterday, I did a photo shoot for some friends of ours. It was actually a maternity shoot but we took the opportunity to shoot some family photos as well. Of course, it’s always fun to do a portrait session with younger kids and its also very unpredictable…you never know what you’re going to get. The youngest star of yesterday’s photo shoot is almost 3 years old. He was a good little guy for the shoot but as with any toddler he had his moments.

I managed to catch this shot of him in one of those moments and I loved it because I thought this is a perfect shot to sum up how so many Toronto Maple Leaf fans have felt  at the end of the season the last few years and of course during their current losing streak…. we are all crying!

Cheers all…. have a great start to your week!




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