Starting to get ready….

I wasn’t sure what I should post tonight so I really had to give it some thought. We are into the final countdown of days before we leave for our upcoming adventures in the South Pacific and the land down under.  Some final planning still needs to be done and the packing is slowly taking shape. On that note, I was thinking about the last time I was in Hawaii and what I immediately thought of was surfing and surf boards. Of all the places I have ever been, Hawaii stuck to me like no other. It really was a true paradise, magical in some way. So today I share with a picture of two surf boards that were actually signs for the outside bar, the Kalapaki Grill at the Marriott’s Kaua’i Beach Club.



5 thoughts on “Starting to get ready….

  1. I love the humour on the surf board. If you haven’t tried surfing yet, you must: it’s extremely exhilarating. It was our trip to Australia that prompted me to learn. It’s almost as good as flying! Best thing I’ever done (ok, up there with snorkelling).

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