Shooting some Portraits

Hi everyone… I hope you all are doing well. It’s been a few days since my last post and well I have been busy getting ready for our upcoming adventures down under and in the South Pacific so unfortunately my blogging opportunities have been few. I absolutely hate when that happens because I truly enjoy reading all the posts and different blogs that I follow and well when you are not logging on you end up having a lot of catching up to do….

So getting to today’s post, I recently invested in a mini photo studio and much of the equipment arrived this week as well. So as a result, I ended up spending yesterday playing around with some lighting and shot a few portraits of  Mel who some of you may know from her Blog Melvin Fancy Pants….  although she hasn’t really been posting there all that much lately…. It’s always nice when family is willing to be your model for the afternoon.  We spent the afternoon experimenting with the new monolights and seeing how they would work for me. I have to admit I was rather impressed and happy with the lights.  Anyway… I need to get back to the WGC-Cadillac PGA Championship (love Golf), so I hope you  like the results of my first test with the my new Interfit EX300 Monolights.  Be sure a click on the shots for a larger view… as always comments and critiques are appreciated… and anyway if I don’t like your comment I can always delete it… Cheers all… : )


7 thoughts on “Shooting some Portraits

  1. They look good, if a bit faint some of them. I’ve been trying to enlarge them by clicking on each individual photo, but no luck. Don’t know if I am the only one with this problem.

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