Mayan Cottage

Ok.. I have no idea if this was actually a cottage or not but as I was thinking about what I should post for today, I decided that my shot, taken in Cozumel, Mexico, kinda looked like an old Mayan Cottage… then I thought come on man, the Mayans didn’t have cottages and …..but well… maybe the 1%’ers did….wow… this is one hell of a run on sentence.  So lets just go with that…. after all this is my story, my blog and well my picture…. so welcome to a Mayan Cottage (probably owned by a Mayan 1%er….).

Happy Monday all…. (did I mention that 3 weeks today I will be blogging from Waikiki…just sayin..).




6 thoughts on “Mayan Cottage

  1. Excellent shot, Sayvan! I won’t argue with you about the “Mayan cottage”, you may very well be right 😉

    Oh, did I tell you I’m so jealous that you are heading to Waikiki in 3 weeks? Do you by any chance have a luggage big enough to fit me? You can just drop me off behind the statue of King Kamehameha along Kalakaua blvd 😉

    1. Thanks again Gracie… I would need your measurements. Would you fit into my carry on? Oh and see my next post… you gave me an idea…. this one will be for you…

      1. Oh gosh, I am tiny, and light, so yeah, I think I’ll fit in your carry on. Just promise me you’ll leave me on the overhead compartment. Wouldn’t want to be under the seat, I might become a foot rest 😉

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