Rainbow Falls… The green

Continuing on my quest for a great shot of the Rainbow Falls, in Hilo, Hawaii (and of course to take my mind of the constant snowfall outside my door), I give you a full on shot of the falls (ok maybe slightly to the side and not a full frontal…so to speak). The area around Rainbow Falls is actually rather small. In fact, the falls are practically located in downtown Hilo. The area has a viewing platform and there is free parking. The falls are a part of Wailuku River State Park. There is a pathway you can hike along for better angles and views and you can head a bit up river (if you choose) to see the journey the river takes until it arrives at the 100 ft wide and 80 ft drop of the falls. Although we were lucky to see a significant flow of water over the top, the water, when in full flow will cascade over the top in three separate areas to the right and left of what you see falling in this shot…. unfortunately we did not see a rainbow on this day.

The Rainbow Falls were our first stop on these beautiful islands as we had just arrived in Hawaii the same morning we came here to see the falls… thus this was the first sight we saw as we embarked on our 12 day island hopping adventure. I was truly taken by the vast green foliage and beauty all around me…. I tried to capture that in this shot and I exposed for the greens of the area… that plan washed out the sky significantly, as it was a blue sky kinda day but just the same….I like what I envisioned and how it turned out, plus as I said the other day, sometimes who cares about the rules of exposure…create your own style… after all its your picture to enjoy!

We won’t get to the Big Island and Hilo on our upcoming trip (unless we suddenly decide to extend or change our plans), so looking back, I have to admit, it was fun searching for the right angle to shoot the falls….   Have a great rest of your weekend fellow bloggers and followers and as always… thanks for taking some of your time and spending it with me on my little spot on the internet!



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