Dog days of Winter….

It seems that old man winter is certainly having his or is it her way this year in sunny southwestern Ontario. I mean really, I have had enough. When the winter approached this year,  I told myself that I would be good and kind to the old man. I would embrace whatever Mother Nature threw our way.  Well, let this be the day that I officially say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I am done embracing this never-ending cold, white filled season. I mean after all, I don’t ski, I don’t snowshoe (yet my shoes seem to always be covered in snow, slush and white salt), I hate to wear a hat (unless I am golfing) and my back is getting much to old for shovelling my driveway (now I just drive my 4×4 back and forth in the driveway until the snow is nice and flat). Yep the lazy man’s way of shovelling. It’s warm and I get to listen to the radio while out there.

Normally, we (my family) have a break from the cold and spend a few weeks in the Caribbean. That usually splits it up nicely. This year we planned a different trip, later in March (which you will all have the pleasure of coming along with me on via this blog)  so perhaps that is why I am feeling those long dog days of winter…. Of course, the day’s are getting longer, I mean it’s just after 6 pm before it starts to get dark now but dammit I want my deck back!

Looking out the window the snow is softly falling…. I am sitting by the fireplace…. it may be cozy but I would rather be wearing shorts and sipping a frozen drink.. that (frozen drink) truly is the only type of ice I am a fan of… which by the way… February 22 is National Margarita Day… who came up with that date…. must have been someone in the sunny southern hemisphere. I will celebrate regardless……

Well I have no more rambling to do on this Friday… Have a great weekend… close your eyes and lets all pretend we are here……..

Saona island, Dominican Republic
Saona island, Dominican Republic



10 thoughts on “Dog days of Winter….

  1. Just got back from sunny (if freezing) France, where we went to escape the grey English skies. It was sunny everyday, which lifted me up no end, as I truly believe I suffer from this SAD syndrome. I don’t mind the cold so much as long as I can see the sun.
    I really look forward to your adventure in Oz and the Indian Ocean.

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