A walk through the garden

I am having a bit of a mental block today.  You know what its like, now and then its hard to come up with something new to post. You know, an idea, something whimsical or something unique and different that doesn’t always involve a major run on sentence to explain what it is or how you came up with the idea or what you wanted to express…. know what I mean? . Well guess what? The weather has been crap in my neck of the woods. I have always said I hate winter and the last few weeks are the perfect reason for that… what I wouldn’t do for a warm walk through the garden today…… except the gardens  been washed away or its covered in snow…. at least it wasn’t when I snapped this! I have given this a bit of a dreamy effect… you know why right?




2 thoughts on “A walk through the garden

  1. Mother Nature has certainly lost her mind this year. It’s +12 here at 7am and by tomorrow it’s supposed to be -8 or something. No wonder I keep hearing about people getting sick. I, like you, can’t wait for summer :).

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