A short Friday story – Together… with a picture

I thought I would take a stab at writing a short story for a change to match today’s picture… here goes….

For years Jim and Janine had spent their time raising a family. Each morning Jim would get up and get himself ready to be off to work. He was an engineer. Not the kind who design roads or skyscrapers but the kind who kept the locomotive on the tracks. Jim had always loved trains. Each day he would hop into that locomotive and travel to distant places. Yet he always choose the short routes. The one’s that made sure he would be home by 6:00 pm each night for dinner.  Jim understood the importance of family.

Janine, would get up each morning with Jim. Her tasks were different. It was different time. While Jim would get himself set for the day, Janine would prepare lunches for the boys and make sure they were safely off to school. Janine didn’t have a full-time job, at least not one that paid her. She was a homemaker. Her responsibilities were plenty. She had a husband and two boys to look after. She did it well. Each day she would go through the same routine, for them and she never complained.

Time flew by for Jim and Janine. The boys grew up, they went off to lives of their own. Jim and Janine after years of taking care of the family and all that comes with that now found themselves alone, together. They reflected often on the past. The good times, the struggles and the path that life had taken them down. They were strong, they had overcome much and most of all they were in love.

Now retired, Jim and Janine embarked on a different path. As the years passed by,  they had grown together in ways that neither of them really realized until now. They were more than just two people who had raised a family together, they were friends.  Each day, they still woke up together, at the same time. Only now, Jim would often get things ready for Janine. They still had their routines. Their day would start early. They would have some breakfast, grab a coffee and head down to the river, stopping along the way to pick up the local newspaper. They sat on that very same bench each morning, enjoying all that life had provided for them as they listened to the river slowly flowing by. They said not a word as they each read a section of that newspaper, they didn’t need to speak, for they were together.




21 thoughts on “A short Friday story – Together… with a picture

  1. When you ended the story with “they didn’t need to speak, for they were together”, it reminded me of the words I always used to describe the reason why I knew my hubby and I were right for each other – comfortable silence. When I started dating him many years ago, he was the first guy who I could be driving along in the car together for example and not feel that I had to create a conversation. We were comfortable together in our silence. Thank you for bringing back these memories with this beautiful story :).

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