A Word a Week Photo Challenge – Clouds

Well I have discovered yet another photo challenge on WordPress. If this keeps up, I will have an idea for every day of the week and I will never have to come up with anything on my own. Then again, if I did follow that pattern I would have to change the name of this blog because I wouldn’t be thinking of anything so…. you get the idea.

Actually, I like these challenges because they really do give you that ‘filler’ you may need now and then…. and today is one of those times.

So “Clouds”. We see them everyday. Sometimes they add beauty to what we see and well sometimes they just give you that dull, grey feeling.  Sometimes they are great for a moment of shade from the bright sun, albeit only for a minute or two as they slowly glide across the sky. Of course, we all remember those times when we were a kid (or not) and we would lay down in the grass and look toward the sky, guessing what the shapes of the clouds looked like.  The photo I have for you today was exactly one of those moments. We were in Corfu, Greece when we saw this. I introduced you to Lucy, our Golden Doodle the other day and well when we looked up and saw this cloud we immediately thought that it looked a little like our pup sitting on the ground with her head looking up waiting for her treat or something…. well that’s what we saw anyway… I mean really don’t you think that really looks like a dogs head?



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