Walking in a Winter Wonderland…..

Well, I am still feeling a bit “under the weather” today but I needed to get out of the house and do something. I hate wasting time, unless of course there is some sort of frozen concoction involved and then of course it’s not really wasting time now is it. After all, it is that frozen concoction that helps us hang on…… oh my, I must be delirious or something… now where was I?

Oh yeah, I needed to get myself out of the house today so Vanda suggested maybe we should take Lucy for a nice walk. Lucy is our Golden Doodle. To be honest, I don’t know that I have ever introduced her to this blog yet. Well… Lucy meet my blogging friends… friends meet Lucy… Isn’t she just a big snuggle bear? I like to call her polar bear claws…. or maybe I just like to drink frozen concoctions….


Lucy is 6 years old or 42 in dog years I suppose. Yeah that’s right she is 42 and still lives at home….. sorry frozen drink influence again.

So we headed off for our daily 5k dog walk around the neighborhood, and through the Stratford cemetery. I decided I would take along the camera for the walk. Kind ofΒ a photo walk – dog walk thingy if you know what I mean. The last few days have seen some significant snow fall in Sunny Southwestern Ontario, so the opportunity to play with some exposures against the bright white background seemed like the thing to do. So I did. The temperature was around -3 C, not to much of a wind and there was a bit of snow falling ever so softly. For a guy who hates the winter, I have to admit it was actually very nice…thats right Steve is embracing the winter….. Overall, we had a nice little walk for about an hour and a half and I have to admit I felt better afterward. It was just what the doctor or in this case Dr. Vanda ordered… now where is that frozen concoction anyway….Cheers all.



6 thoughts on “Walking in a Winter Wonderland…..

  1. Awwww, Lucy is adorable!!! She’s like a dog model the way she poses for the camera, and she looks like she enjoys the snow, unlike me :). By the way, send some of those frozen drinks my way ok? I think they might help my throat!! LOL

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