Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

It has been a crazy week and maybe you noticed that as I have not been posting all that much over the last few days. So much to do and so little time to do it. I had a busy week at work and actually spent a 72 hour bargaining marathon trying to get a deal and avoid a work stoppage and we did, so that was time well spent! Of course with all that, I needed to also find some time to get  the last-minute Christmas shopping done and as of this afternoon I am completely done and everything is wrapped and ready to be exposed! I am now off work (pending any emergencies) until January 2 and I intend to enjoy this as much as I can. Hopefully lots of pictures over the next week and a bit for the blog as well.

For today, I thought I would jump right into the Weekly Photo Challenge. The topic this week is surprise. I have shared this shot before but I cropped it a bit for this one to focus on the “surprise”. We were in a speed boat cruising along in La Romana, Dominican Republic.  As we were speeding along, I was just snapping away at the tropical landscape. It was truly beautiful. When I returned home and sat down to really take a look at the pictures I had taken, when I reviewed this particular one and much to my surprise I noticed a couple on the beach and they were very much in the buff! You may want to view this one in all of its full glory so click to enlarge!



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