I have posted these pictures before….. by now we have all heard of the senseless, tragic shooting in Connecticut. Twenty children….. I just can’t imagine! I wanted to post something that I felt expressed the sorrow that we all are feeling. Something that expresses our emotion. I made some slight adjustments to my photos today, trying to bring that out. Perhaps the snowflakes falling on the page can represent our tears.  I’m not going to get into my true thoughts on gun control. This is not the day for that, but I will say after today I am sure I am not alone in my thoughts…. I feel sorrow, I feel anger and I wonder why…  it’s so senseless….






6 thoughts on “Senseless!

    1. The unfortunate thing is that the Harper Conservative government right here in Canada is heading down the same road….. I am always amazed how the conservative right are so quick to defend the life of an unborn child and refer to abortion as murder yet they support the right to bear arms… on average 8 children a day are killed by guns in the United States. No other civilized country and in the world can make that claim!

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