Feeling Alright Today….

Well just how is everyone today? It’s that time of year again. Christmas is in the air and all around us people are starting to get on their festive cheer.  Last night, we had a great night out with a few friends, some good laughs and of course lots of cheer. I am actually surprised I am “feeling alright today” with all the cheer I had!

We often get so busy with our everyday routines and life that it is easy to forget what really matters. Family, friends and of course lending a helping hand to those who may not be in the same circumstance as us or have come on tough times. Christmas helps us to remember these things, well it does for me anyway.  So today, I am Feeling Alright! I am feeling rejuvenated and I am thinking about the blessings and treasures in my life, and that my friends,  really does have me feeling alright today!

I am leaving you with a little shot of Christmas. I set this up while playing around the other day with the camera… I hope you like it and of course, if you don’t, that’s ok to because, I am feeling alright today!

I am also going to leave you with a video. Take the time to watch it and listen to it. It’s not a Christmas song but its is a great song and you guessed it, it’s called ‘Feeling Alright Today’  written and performed by a great Canadian artist and performer, Johnny Reid.

Have a great Sunday and if this little post from my little world helps you to feel alright today then pass it on! Help someone else feel a little better today ’cause I know I am certainly Feeling Alright Today!



11 thoughts on “Feeling Alright Today….

  1. I”m so glad you’re feeling alright today :). I am too because I’ve had a great weekend!! My son was home from college for the weekend with his girlfriend, we all attended my husband’s work Christmas party which was a lot of fun, we donated to the toy drive organized by the local police departments, today I wrapped a bunch of Christmas presents, and my son and his girlfriend got back to Kitchener just before the freezing rain started (Phew!!). Now I’m ready to enjoy a great supper cooked by my hubby and a relaxing evening catching up on emails. How could it get any better?? I hope your evening is wonderful too, and I love your Christmas photo :).

      1. Ha! No way! Another huge singing talent from our northern neighbors, I had no idea. I was just reading about a murder plot against him? So disturbing. Another reminder to talk to our kids about the crazies out there. On a more positive note, did you check out the meteor shower tonight? My daughter and I stuck our heads out of the sunroof of my car with the heat blasting and saw a zillion shooting stars. It was so exhilarating! It’s supposed to continue through tomorrow evening if you’re willing to brave the night air for a light show!

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