A little reading perhaps?

Thought I would give you something different today… just because I felt like it! Nothing like a telephoto lens to creep up on someone reading by the pool…. by the way is anyone else bothered by the fake snow flakes WordPress uses at this time of year all the time?




3 thoughts on “A little reading perhaps?

  1. Creeping someone by the pool LOL. Assuming this was a female, I hope you weren’t using the telephoto lens for anything else!! LMAO 🙂 And yes, the snowflakes are yucky. I would much rather see rays of sunlight.

  2. I wonder what the title of this book is that features this brandy swigging character!

    At first glance, I thought the snowflakes were fun and festive, but now I have to admit that they are distracting, especially when trying to read print from a novel. 🙂

  3. I love the snowflakes as they remind me of a gentle snowfall… 🙂 If you want, you can turn it off in your general settings… Just un-check the snowfall box.

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