Ramblings from My Living Room Chair…

Can you believe it is December already? Where has the year gone? OK folks, sit back and get ready for some rambling.  Are you ready for Christmas? Are you ready for a new year? Will we make it past December 21 and that whole Mayan calender thing? So many questions for one little blog on a cold and dreary winters day. OK, it not actually that cold out today but there is snow on the ground and as I gaze out the window, grazing on some potato chips, I get a feeling of a cold dampness. Thus, I plan on staying indoors all weekend.

When the winter arrives I like to stay indoors, I lack that inspiration that the other seasons of the year seem to give me.  Not sure why really, after all the winter does offer up some great photo ops. For example, this morning I got up (after a late night in a local pub), went to make my wonderful and precious wife a cup of tea and there it was right outside my window. The temperatures over the night were very cold, well not real cold in a Canadian Winter kinda of way but probably around -3 or -4 (that would be in centigrade, so for my American friends that would be around 27 F). As the morning approached the temperatures started to climb. Of course this created some wonderful fog. The fog of course left the tree branches and other surfaces for that matter, in a state of frozen glory.  You know the look I mean right?

Trees, Snow, Hoar Frost, near Priddy, The Mendips, Somerset, England, UK

Well like I was saying, I just lack the inspiration to get out and shoot opportunities like the one above so I stole this shot from the web (on that note, I would like to thank Tony Howell from www.tonyhowell.co.uk for making my point on the majesty of frost and how it paints a wonderful photo opportunity).

Now Vanda has told me many times, “Stephen, you need to embrace the winter, it’s not going anywhere so make the best of it!” Well, she might be right, however I prefer to embrace it with my toes in the water and my ass in the sand (thank you Zak Brown).  On that note, I could digress, ramble and move into a discussion on my views on global warming. After all, I did warn everyone at the start of this, I felt like rambling a bit today. In short, my take on global warming is like this… “Hey I live in Canada and I could rather get use to wearing shorts most of the year!” Now before anyone thinks about leaving any comments about my selfish approach to global warming just let me say, I make the above quote with tongue in cheek and lets just leave it there. So where shall I digress to next….

This past week, I had the opportunity to take a few photos of a beautiful little girl who just happens to be my Niece (well actually her mom is our niece so I guess that makes her our great-niece or something along those lines). Phoebe’s older brother and sister are already in school and of course had school portraits taken. Phoebe, who is only 3 years old, wanted to have some done as well and I volunteered to do them for her.  We had a nice little session that lasted about an hour with lots a breaks in between. My set up was pretty basic. I set up in what we call our great room which is really the modern word for a living room. I used natural light from a large window in the room (the same one I keep seeing winter out of) and then I hooked up my speedlight on a stand and placed a soft box over top of the speedlight. I also used a large round 5 in 1 reflector and away we went. Overall, I was very pleased with this simple set up and I was pleasantly surprised with the results.  Here are a few to share with you.

It’s been a while since I have had some regular posts on the blog so today I had lots to ramble about. I hope I didn’t bore you too much but after all this is `This, That and Whatever Else I can think of`.

Have a great rest of your day and weekend.


4 thoughts on “Ramblings from My Living Room Chair…

  1. Awww, she’s adorable – nice work!! And I’m with you about winter. I stay in whenever I can, and the pictures I posted on my blog today were taken from the warmth of my house looking out a patio door LOL! That was cold enough for me :).

  2. I love frosty mornings! Nothing like a brisk walk in the woods or the seafront. Give them a go! You can always reward yourself afterwards with a hot chocolate or a whiskey or whatever takes your fancy. Keep warm!

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