Study your moves….

Once again I sit and write a tale about the how I have managed to avoid my blog again this week. There has been so much going on and of course the first part of the week I was glued to the TV watching and analysing everything there was available on the US Election front. So much for the Tea Party and their crazy ideas and antiquated beliefs. It was so great to see our American friends get it right. It was even more fascinating when the Romney Campaign refused to concede after Obama won Ohio and they disputed this. In the end it wasn’t even close really. In fact, after all the flipping and flopping in the Republican camp, the saviour of the world (for the rich that is) couldn’t even rack up more votes than John McCain had in 2008. The Republican agenda was tossed and a majority of Americans decided that they would rather be a society that looks after each other, rather one that eats each other. Bravo, I say Bravo! I am proud to be your neighbor. I actually thought the Presidents acceptance speech was simply “genius”.  The man really is a leader. Now if only Canadians could get it right and toss the crook we have in Ottawa. However, why ruin a good post and rant by digressing into Canada’s conservative agenda…. for many of us here, we are like prisoners marking the calender until we get to have an election and toss Harper on his #*^! The party of the late Jack Layton waiting in the wings!

The rest of my week has been spent at work and of course setting up and getting ready for the official launch of my new side business “SayVan Photography”.  I’ve been building my web site, determining what I should offer and of course what I feel my time is worth. I have decided I wont be charging enormous rates because I know people in general do not have a lot of disposal income left over once they take care of their own business and frankly I really want to do this simply because I love photography. A slogan I am considering for the business is “Capturing Today for Tomorrow”. I think it will work just fine. I hope to go “live” in the next few days but want to ensure I have the site exactly how I want it.

So Steve, nice rant but where is the picture for today? In the spring, I was working in the Downtown Toronto area and needed a bit of a break from the bargaining table and wanted to clear my mind so I decided to grab my camera (which is almost always near by) and take a little walk. I was near City Hall in Toronto and saw this guy sitting in the courtyard with his chess pieces set up. He was alone and reading a book. Now I am not really sure what the book was but I surmise that he was studying up on the moves to make in chess… It made me think of the importance of understanding the game or task you are involved in, studying your next move. In a way, much like collective bargaining and the table I had just left to clear my mind.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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