Weekly Photo Challenge – Foreign

I have lacked in my posts of late. Things have been pretty busy. I talked about starting up a small photography business on the side awhile back and so I have been busy working that. I ran a small photography business probably twenty years ago, so I have looked to see if my old equipment is still working and seeing what I needed to update etc. Luckily, I don’t need to really go out and get much. Nothing really expensive anyway. I then started to look for a place to host a website, which of course is a must these days. After a rather exhaustive search, lots of research, I have found the place to host my new SayVan Photography site. Of course, the work hasn’t ended there. Now I am in the process of playing with the site to get it to a look I am satisfied with. I am also in the process of updating (or rather taking) lots of portraits and other types of shots to display on the site. Once I get this all up and running I will let you all know where you can find it and you can check it out yourself. I have a link to this blog on the site and will place a link from this blog to the site as well…..My new site has yet to go live!

So, for today I offer you another one of my repeat shots. I though this one would work well for the foreign theme in this weeks photo challenge. Unless of course, your reading this from Italy.. well then it’s not so Foreign!

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