One path… Two people… One life

I have written before on my blog about an area just outside our front door that we refer to as the ‘Hundred Acre Wood’. It’s a beautiful spot filled with wildlife, trees, the Avon River and its extremely peaceful. The trails within the woods, locally known as the Old Grove,  offer adventure in the spring, summer, fall and of course winter. You will often find the locals out with their cameras or perhaps bird watching or simply taking a stroll.

It has become a bit of a tradition in our family, that weather permitting on Thanksgiving Day (in Canada), all the family that has gathered will go for a walk through the woods. This past weekend was no different. We once again, gathered as a family and headed out to the woods. The colours this year have fascinated me. Perhaps it’s because I have taken such a greater interest in my photography that I seem to be more aware of my surrounding now. I think I am getting back that photographers eye. Seeing things in so many ways. Looking at a potential subject and imagining the result even before I push that shutter release button.

As we walked last Monday, an elderly couple passed us along the way. We paused, greeted each other and each went our separate ways along the trails of the woods. About an hour later as we were returning we again crossed paths with this couple. I would put them in their late 70’s maybe early 80’s. As they passed us, I stopped to look behind me. I waited for them to make their way down the path. I then set up and snapped my picture.

I don’t know anything about this couple but what I saw was a couple, who I imagine have lived a lifetime together, watched their children grow and start their own families. They have probably travelled a long and winding path but here they were together, walking the path,  enjoying their time and the weather we were all thankful for on this day.  I have always hoped when I took a photograph it could tell a story, that it wouldn’t need any explanation. I hope you see the story in my photograph today… One path…Two people…One life…

6 thoughts on “One path… Two people… One life

    1. Thanks… I actually have started to carry business cards with me and if I take a picture of someone while out and about they can see the result, however, i didn’t have them with me on this day….

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