The Rails…

Yesterday, I wrote and shared a little about my adventures along the railway line with my wonderful model and of course my camera. If you follow my blog at all,  you know I am a fan of the warm weather. However, I have to admit I am enjoying the change in the season this year more than I can recall from the past… maybe the reason is found in my camera and the fact that I am taking advantage of the things around me, always looking for a new opportunity to shoot something (with my camera that is).  Back in the early days of my blog,  I wrote an entry called “The Art of Seeing in Photography” . Much like I wrote back then,  I think I am really starting to see whats around me, to be aware of the opportunities and capture them how I see them.  Observe, Imagine and Expression. The three keys to taking a quality or rather “seeing” a quality photograph and making it happen.

Well that is all for today.

PS…. I may be MIA a bit this week. I have a very busy week at work (Budget time) so I could be having some long days….. Ahh…real life!




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