Step forward on the track…

There is a railway track not far from where we live.  With the fall colours starting to dominate the horizon the peacefulness and serenity of the tracks, painted by the foliage in the background makes for some great photo opportunities. I spent the day and night out and about yesterday, my camera set to manual and my eye on the outlook for some of those opportunities. My trusty model was with me. She actually has the eye for many of the captures I grab. We decided to head over to the tracks. Of course, these tracks are active so we always have to have an eye out for any oncoming traffic. Suffice to say, nothing came by while we were there.

We played around with a number of shots and poses while trying to use the tracks, the rails, wood ties and of course the foliage. I was pleased with the results. I am really starting to get the hang of my new Nikon and getting back into the swing of this whole photography thing. I hope you like my choice for today. I purposely exposed this to give it a little bit of an old film effect and to bring out the wash in her jeans…

Now I need to get back to the Ryder Cup!


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