lurking in the grass….

I was looking through some shots tonight while I was trying to decide what I should post. I opened up a file filled with some shots I took in Florida a few months back and of course the next thing I did was to begin thinking about a theme or title for whatever I ended up choosing for tonight. That routine is something I go through often when I post. Do I choose a title or topic and then look for shot or maybe go out and take a shot that matches or do I choose or take the shot and then come up with a title? Today, I offer you two shots. We all love the beach… we all the love the beach for many reasons. Now, I am not going to get into all the reasons why I like the beach but obviously the scenery and the photo ops have a lot to do with it.  For instance, the beach not only offers us the sun, sand and water but it also offers some tall grasses for us to enjoy…..

….and of course while lurking in the grass with a camera and a zoom lens it can make a great cover for some of the other reasons we like the beach……

ahhh…the beauty of the beach….

PS… that’s my wife so I am not really being a creepy guy with a camera on the beach…

Cheers all have a great Thursday and Friday…Yeah for the weekend!



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