Weekly Travel Theme: White

They say a picture tells a story… so enjoy your story…. whatever it may be…



6 thoughts on “Weekly Travel Theme: White

    1. I actually tried to remove the cables but didnt like the result so I left them in…. cables were a common thing to see as you walked around the Santorini residential areas

    1. We are doing a very long adventure actually starting in Australia. We will be arriving in Sydney and then heading to Cairns (Yorky’s Knob), Port Douglas, Airlie Beach, Brisbane and then back to Sydney. We will then be leaving Sydney and flying to New Caledonia, Papetee, Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora. We will then head for Hawaii and spend a few days Island hopping before heading back to reality… a great trip ahead and should provide lots of great blog entries for me!

      1. Sounds absolutely fantastic! I’m sure you already have plenty you want to see and do, but I’ll be up in Cairns in November, and I’m from Sydney, and I’m currently living in Brisbane, so feel free to drop me a line if you’d like any advice.

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