A September Friday

Welcome to the first Friday in September. Hard to believe really that it is actually September now. I was actually thinking this morning how many more weeks until I pack up all the deck furniture and get things ready for winter outdoors…ugh! Just the thought! Then I strolled downtown this morning and it was a beautiful day so I snapped this…. maybe..just maybe there is something positive about global warming…. Have a nice weekend friends….


12 thoughts on “A September Friday

  1. Great picture. It makes that look like a sort of magical place and it’s probably really just roads over a swamp or something. The tree is even still green. I’m south of Canada and the trees here have been turning color for several weeks and the leaves are falling off of some of them already. Like they are trying to tell us it will be an early winter here. Where you are maybe not so much.

    1. It;s actually a great area of town and not swampy at all. The bridge is over the Avon River and there is a small Island where I snapped this shot from… very nice indeed!

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