Weekly Photo Challenge – Urban 2 (in a historic kind of way)

So today I post my second entry into this weeks theme. As I said the other day (if you missed it you can find it here), I wanted to offer something a little different with this theme. So with that in mind, you know that this “urban” thing is not something new, its been around for thousands of years. Whether it be small towns. villages or big cities history tells us that humanoids have lived in Urban settings since creation (was the garden of Eden an Urban setting?).  One such Urban setting I have posted about in the past, was the city of Ephesus. At one time, it is said that this Ancient urban city had a population of over 250,000 people.  It was even one of the “seven wonders of the ancient world”. This is a shot from the main street heading toward the Celsus Library. The name of the street by the way, was Curetes Street according to ephesus.us.



7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Urban 2 (in a historic kind of way)

    1. Just around the corner…and you will be able too now that your kids are getting up there. Our Philosphy is “do it now” because you just never know what your health will offer you when you retire!

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