Weekly Photo Challenge – Urban

The topic as I am sure you know by now for this week is Urban… a characteristic of a city or town.  So many of the photographs we take involve some part of a city or town we live in or visit. Our towns, our cities have so much to offer and so many different views to consider. My problem with this theme is what to post. I could post in this theme for the next month really! I wanted to approach this slightly different from many of the post’s I have viewed so far. As I said above, there is so much to cover when trying to define “Urban” in a photograph.  So I snapped this shot in Honolulu, Hawaii. We had just ended a 14 day cruise from San Diego to the Islands and we were touring around the city when I noticed the reflection of our Cruise Ship, the sky and the Pacific in the a skyscraper’s windows. It was a shot I couldn’t resist. My idea here is that we see the “Urban” aspect of the city surrounded by the waterways of the Pacific.

Cheers and remember tomorrow puts us half way to the weekend!


10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Urban

  1. That is really awesome! I love to capture reflections in glassy city buildings, but I’ve never had a blinger like that! That is amazing! It’s really cool because you got the sky! Most of the time I get another building! 😉 Thanks for the ping back!

    1. Thank you so much…. I was a little perplexed that I couldn’t get an angle without the smaller building in front but yes when I noticed the reflection I was in creative awe…

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