A Blue Mountain View

Hello world, I hope everyone is a having a positive start to their week.  My start was uneventful and very routine. The weather was lousy today but that’s not what I wanted to post about anyway so lets just move on…..

Last week, I took a day and spent it with my daughter who is 15. Summer is quickly drawing to a close (it went by faster than I had hoped), and I wanted to get out for a day with just her. We ventured up to Collingwood, Ontario and spent some time at the Blue Mountain Resort, on the Georgian Bay. It’s a beautiful place. There are a number of activities for someone to take part in whether that be, mountain biking, hiking or riding the mountain coaster just to name a few.  Another feature of the resort is the Gondola. The Gondola offers some amazing panoramic views as you travel up or down the escarpment. I have a number of shots that I am still working on to show you of some of these views, so consider this one just a tease. The views were great and I loved spending the time with my little girl!

Cheers everyone,



8 thoughts on “A Blue Mountain View

  1. Fabulous shot and great view. Do you know you were only a half an hour away from our house?!?! We love driving up to the top of the mountain to check out the view, but we have never gone on the gondola. We have seen some pretty wicked mountain biking done down the side of that mountain though :).

    1. It’s always special to get some one on one with your child (although she is really a young lady now) they grow up very fast! I just glad she still wants to hang out with her old man!

  2. Great view. It sounds like a beautiful and fun place to visit too. Hope you and your daughter had a very special day together. Those are the things we remember when we grow up.

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