A Sunday Post of Reflection

I haven’t really written much of late when posting/sharing some of my photographic shots.  Interesting enough, with a blog called this that and whatever else I can think of, I haven’t really been able to think of anything and thus the lack of words. Thank goodness I’ve discovered “Wordless Wednesday”.  Now I don’t want you to think I have lost all my creativity or passion for the blog. In fact, I actually have some great ideas about where I want to go, what I want to share on this blog but those thoughts, as creative and secretive as they may be just have not been completely thought out yet. They remain a work in progress. A story,  if you will. A story that talks about a journey, the adventures that are associated with such a journey and of course the characters that line the road of that journey. A journey that of course, will be described through photographs and words and sometimes just photographs. So until I am ready, until I have it all just right, you’re going to just have to keep checking in to see what I have for you each day.  Once I fully figure out the journey (or maybe I am already on it),  I will offer a little glimpse for you.

So as I sit on my deck in my back yard, music playing in the background, a drink on the table beside me,  I sit here typing. Typing and reflecting on what I should post and what I have posted. Reflecting, deciding, wondering what to write for you, trying to decide the best way to talk about this and that and whatever else pops into my mind and somehow link it to the photo I am sharing. Then I pause and I look back at the words I have typed today and I think… wow.. this is about this, that and whatever else I can think of because I think that’s what I just did! Does it make any sense? It might! Then again it might not? So on that note, I will leave you with these two photos from my recent photo walk. Relection… Dragon boats sit on the calm water, a serene and thought-provoking scene…. reflecting (as in the second shot).

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