Surprise Surprise Surprise ……

Do you recall that television show from the 60’s known as Gomer Pile USMC?   The show ran from 1964-69 and starred Jim Nabors as a Gomer Pyle. So where am I going with this? Pyle, was a naïve southern boy from North Carolina, finding his way, while using his good-natured approach to cause numerous shenanigans after he enlisted in the U.S Marine Corps.  He adventures or misadventures would drive his barrack Sargent crazy!

Well again I ask myself, where exactly am I going with this? Ok… this is where I am going. I am sure we have all been there! Your out taking pictures, you are randomly shooting some great scenery or perhaps some candid portraits of folks on the street. Your adventure overall seems well… normal and uneventful…. until of course, you get home, upload your shots from your camera to your computer and you suddenly find something like this (ok… take a good look at the left side of the photo…on the beach….feel free to click on the photo and see the full resolution shot… umm..beware..this may be for adults only!)

Cheers and always remember… you never know who may be cruising by in their boat with a camera in this digital age!

Oh if you don’t know the phrase I am talking about… watch the video below


9 thoughts on “Surprise Surprise Surprise ……

  1. First of all, loved Gomer Pile!!! I didn’t even have to watch your video clip. I can still hear his voice like I was watching the show yesterday. Now, as for the photo, I just don’t know where to begin. Being the freak that I am, I had to zoom in as far as I could, and I’m still laughing my head off because I keep thinking that the way the person is laying on the beach, you may have just missed “something” or “something” may have been just about to happen. Or, maybe if I didn’t have such a disgusting mind, they are just innocently swimming and sunbathing. Ok, I know, you’re shaking your head at me aren’t you? But seriously, sunbathing in that position in the nude could lead to a seriously uncomfortable sunburn!!! LMAO 🙂 No pun intended!

    1. Oh I don’t think your a freak at all… unless we are both freaks because I thought the exact same thing! The beach area was of course very exclusive but the traffic in the water I would say was not!

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