Weekly Travel Theme – Signs

I have posted this picture before. I wanted to find something different for the travel theme this week. It’s a tough topic really. Lots of people have found some sort of witty signs and have posted them. Now to be clear, I don’t want to show any disrespect to those who have posted a phrase or a witty “sign” but I think that is all a little trite or cliché. Maybe you will think the same of what I am now posting and well if you do, that’s fine. I am a fan of freedom of expression, as long as it remains respectful of course.

So for today’s post I give you my interpretation of a sign. I took this while on a beach in Jamaica. The approaching clouds were a sure “sign” to make your way out of the water before the dark storm arrived. Cliché? perhaps…. interesting? Definitely!

10 thoughts on “Weekly Travel Theme – Signs

  1. I love this interpretation. I took it very literally for this challenge because I love signs and have seen so many interesting ones. However, with the growth theme I took it in a completely different direction. It’s what I like about the weekly photo theme.. so many different directions you can take with one word. Good job. Awesome picture.

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