A Saturday Photo Walk…

Stratford, as I have mentioned many times is a wonderful place to live. It offers culture, entertainment and some beautiful scenery. Today, I decided I would get up a bit early and head out for a walk around town. The weather hasn’t been the greatest the last few days and as I ventured out the sky was mostly overcast with a slight and I do mean ever so slight split where the blue sky would peak through.  Overall, lets just say things were naturally diffused.  I had to end my trip earlier than I wanted as the rains returned…..

I started my trek down by the river (a.k.a Victoria Lake).  I walked over to Tom Patterson Island and started my adventure there.  Tied off in the lake, maybe 30 feet from shore  were four Dragon Boats. Stratford is well-known for its Dragon Boats and hosts a great festival every fall. Racers from all over, come into the city for the festivities of the day.

I got a bit lucky today with how the current in the lake was positioning the moored boats and I ended up with today’s shot.  I played around a bit with the processing in Lightroom and this was a result that I was rather pleased with.  Let me know if you like it as well.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend and if you are….thank a unionized worker!


11 thoughts on “A Saturday Photo Walk…

  1. Unionized workers should have worked for 3 days off instead of just 2…. I’m gonna get on that! Thank you Mr. “SayVan” Photographer!!! Nice picture… I have a similar one, I wonder if they were taken at the same place…. hmmm…

  2. Great photo.. what type of camera are you using. I only have a point and shoot (sony cybershot and a good one for a simple camera) but I have to edit nearly all of my photos.. and when I say edit I mean crop and darken or lighten.. but all of your pictures seem pretty amazing

      1. Wow.. nice. I’m sticking with my sony/small/point and shoot for now but am looking to take some classes and when I go to Nepal I’m trying to get hooked up with a foto trek.. sounds cool.. I’m sure everyone will have amazingly biz cameras and I will be slightly embarrassed with my tiny little pocket one.. I’ll keep the Nikon in mind though as I like what you were able to capture.

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