My Friday Post…..

Well it’s finally here. The end of the week…. but the beginning of the weekend. So far the day has been a bit of a wash.. no really, it’s been raining all day. I know we need it but why the weekend? Mother Nature has had all week-long to shed her tears but yet she feels the need to wait until the weekend.  Oh well, we must make the best of it and we shall, or at least I plan too!

Being Friday night, it will be date night for me (hopefully for Vanda as well otherwise I will be in big trouble). We always try to take one day out of the week for our date night. Of course, we do have  the busy social scene going on so we are often out and about with friends both on weekends and through the work week as well. However, one day a week at the very least, it’s just us. I love it! If you have kept up with my adventures on this blog,  you will know very well that my girl is the girl of my dreams…she was before I ever met her and has been ever since…. she continues to be my favourite part of my everyday.  Thus,  the opportunity to spend some time with just her is even better…. so if you haven’t figured it out yet… I have nothing really to blog about today and that’s why I am telling you about our Friday night date night.  We will probably take in a movie, share some popcorn (she usually gets all the butter before I get any) and then stop off at our favourite pub on the return home. Is it time to go yet?

So on that note, I shall take my leave from you now….. before I go on this date maybe I should pick her up some of these for her hair…..



12 thoughts on “My Friday Post…..

  1. ah, I miss plumerias… When I was at University of Hawai’i there was a plumeria tree right in front of my dorm, and I used to tuck a flower behind my ear on my way to class every morning (the RIGHT ear, because I was single at the time)… So when you give these to her girl, be sure she puts them on the LEFT! Over her heart, to signal she’s “taken”… 😉

  2. Yeah, I haven’t been around here much. Working on new pricing for my biz, getting a new more professional email address, getting a credit card reader, etc. I just texted my husband saying I need to get out there and take some pictures!

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