The Path…The Lines that Lead

A different spin on the leading lines theme…. by title anyway.

I snapped this little gem while in Paris. It was across from the Eiffel Tower along the Champ De Mars.  I never thought  I would ever be in Paris and here I was standing before one of the most famous landmarks in the world…. yet somehow I managed to concentrate my photography ops on something other than the tower… I love a roadway or walkway that’s covered by a canopy of trees…. thoughts?

PS…. I did take many shots of the tower…. we will save that for another day…

Tomorrow is Friday everyone…WOOT WOOT!

11 thoughts on “The Path…The Lines that Lead

  1. Happy Friday! This shot is great… Looks from a dream… I picture myself in a long silky light pink dress… barefoot… walking along the path… 🙂 Yay! Except in Paris… I’d probably be shopping!

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