So I was trying to think what I should post on the Blog today and I couldn’t really decide. Should I do something different, should I follow one of the themes? What to do, What to do.  Then I started to check some of my shots and found three that I thought could make an interesting post. The next question was how to frame the post around the shots. What I usually do, is decide on a picture and then come up with something to write about the shot. However, today I just couldn’t decide. I liked all three. I could have created three separate posts but even at that I just wasn’t sure. What to do, What to do?

After some thought, I have decided to share all three shots for you today. One is just because I like it. One is because I thought it would fit the Travel Theme this week and the last could fit both the weekly photo challenge or it could just be some unique spot that tells a story from the past and future…. what do you think?


The one I like

Weekly Travel Theme – Leading Lines (see the path?)

Weekly Photo Theme – Growth…. or a distant memory of a place once lived…


16 thoughts on “Undecided….

  1. I love all three, but my favourite is the third one. There is just so much that appeals to the eyes in that one – the colours, the shapes, the textures. I found my eyes travelling back and forth and up and down over and over. Nice post!

    1. Thanks… I liked the third as well… what was really interesting was there was another entrance and someone was actually living there. The other entrance looked well groomed and looked after…

    1. Thanks… I am not sure if the story is true but we were told that a house on Santorini with a blue door means it is privately owned. If the door was not blue then it was a rental unit. This also included churchs.

    1. What is interesting about it is that it leads to the sea below and these are actually steps and you ride a donkey from the top to the bottom. For those that didnt want to experience the steps you could take a cable car… we did the Donkey’s!

    1. Thanks Fatima… hope all is well in your world… You are correct about the Mediterranean… these are all from the Island of Santorini, Greece

      1. I guessed it might be Greece. We are now in the Mid-Pyrenees in south of France. Too hot to be in the sun. Enjoying your pictures. Will try and post another blog tonight. 🙂

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