Weekly Travel Theme – Leading Lines

Was a wonderful day today in Ontario. We just finished another great long weekend. They call it Civic Day but it was once known as Simcoe Day. Just the same… it’s a day off and that gets a big Woo Hoo!

Ok…. down to business, I did take a few new shots over the weekend and will get to them eventually. Today, I offer up a couple of shots, ok its the same shot but I converted the second to black and white. I think it adds to the shot. The weekly travel theme is leading lines.  I took this shot on one of our cruises. The hallway leading to many rooms… or just to the end of the hall, whichever you fancy… do the lines lead you?

12 thoughts on “Weekly Travel Theme – Leading Lines

  1. Ooooh, I love shots like this. I took one just like that when we took an overnight ferry from England to the Netherlands. I really like the black and white – what an amazing look that gives it! Great photos for the weekly theme.

    By the way, this Civic Holiday gets an even bigger Woo Hoo from me this year because I’m on holidays all this week. Yay!!!!!!

  2. I think the bw gives it a more institutional look and changes the whole ambiance of the photo – not good or bad, just different. And yes, it WAS a great day here in Ontario. The oppressive heat finally broke.

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