Awards Awards and More Awards…

First off,  let me begin by starting with an apology. Over the last few months many of you, ok not really many but some… let’s go with that …some of you have nominated my blog for different awards. For this I am truly grateful, humbled and of course thankful. However, I have not acknowledged any of them. Yep.. I am bad. To be honest, rather than dishonest (I mean really,  why do we say something like “to be honest”? Do we normally lie?), although I get the idea of the awards and although I understand they attract new people to your blog (and I do like that), I also see them as a kind of chain letter. If you received a chain letter in the mail or by email would you pass it on? I am pretty sure I would not. Now, all of this being said I want to be very clear… I am thankful and grateful. I think I would rather be re-blogged though to be honest.

Wow this sure sounds like some kind of an apology doesn’t it! Blogger gets some awards and then say’s he wants to give an apology for being tardy and then goes on about “this that and whatever else he can think of” and never really does apologize for taking so long to respond and at the very least say thank you to those who took the time out of their own life and blog to nominate the ungrateful beast.  Well today I will take that time… yesterday I seemed to get a couple of them.

Of course with these awards also comes some responsibility. This is where I suddenly fall off the train, bus or wagon (no wait, the last is something completely different). I really am not that responsible and of course (do I use that phrase much?) once nominated one has to answer some questions and do certain sorts of things. Sheesh…..

So in the order of my tardiness I would like to thanks the following fellow bloggers for the awards they felt I was worthy of (until they read this of course) so here we go….

The first was the ABC award and this was back in April. It was Photo Talk Daily who gave me this honour. He hasn’t blogged in a while so I am not sure what happened to him. The requirement of this award is to list 26 things about yourself. Umm… are you kidding me? Ok here we go….I once drank a 24 of beer and had two hamburgers… that’s 26 things about myself..phew glad that’s over…

Next up was the ‘Beautiful Blogger award. This came from Clicdpic. The requirement here is to name some other blogs you feel should get the same award and then list 7 things about yourself (didn’t I cover that above?). I will get to that in a bit.

My next award came in the form of the One Lovely Blog Award. Now this one I received from three different folks. So I would like to thank Nicole Ftacnik Photography , Arnel at All Things Boys , and Meg Says. These are three great blogs full of very different adventures.

So now… Seven things about myself (that’s another requirement of this stuff) in no particular order.

1.  I love the girly drinks (you know the ones with the umbrellas and fruit) …I really do!

2.  I love my wife, life partner, soul mate and my best friend more than my life itself… she is amazing! Just to be clear, all of those are the same person!

3.  I always wanted to be a lead singer in a band… classic rock… Hey I like music… Check this out.. Ignore the persons comments I just spoke about in #2.  No respect!

4.  Did I mention I like girly drinks?

5. I am a huge Parrothead. (no my hair is not multi coloured…I am big Jimmy Buffett Fan) If you have never seen him in concert, I highly recommend… It’s an event like no other!

6. Everyday I fight for working people and their families against corporate greed!

7. As a result of this blog, I have decided to delve back into a small photography business on the side.  I am working on the set up

The last thing you are supposed to do is nominate 15 other blogs for the same awards. however, I am not going to do that. How can I choose really. I follow so many great blogs, all that offer many things and of course remember the comment above about chain letters?

However, I am going to ask you all to check out a new blogger to WordPress… you can find her at MelvinFancyPants. She writes some good stuff and is learning photography each day with her new Nikon. She could really use some new followers as things have been slow for her so far. It’s tough in this world of Blogging so check her out…. (by the way, we are kinda related).

Cheers everyone and thanks for reading my diatribe and I am truly grateful for the recognition of the awards…. did I mention I like re-blogs too?

Oh and here is a shot for today… It’s a repeat but I like it just the same….

6 thoughts on “Awards Awards and More Awards…

  1. Now you’ve reminded me that I also have several awards lurking in my computer. Congrats to you. Love the way you dealt with this. 😆 “24 beers and two hamburgers” is quite something! 😉

  2. I agree with you. I have read the things you have to do when you are nominated for an award and it almost defeats the object. If it was done once a year por different fields then it would have more meaning, but if each person has to nominate another 15 it sort of loses its value.
    I love the fact you like girly drinks with umbreallas and all (twice). My favourite is still piña colada. My son had sex on the beach last night for the first time and he loved it, so maybe it is a Saysell thing….
    Well done on all those nominations. 🙂

  3. Wow… what an honour! Thank you Stephen and thank you for the (we’re sort of related)… family is family! 😛 I do hope people come check out my blog once in a while… the best way to improve your photography and words is for people to comment and let you know what can be better/worse… thanks again!

  4. Ha.. I was just sitting down to do the same thing.. I feel bad but you are right it does so feel like a chain letter.. my thank you was nearly identical to yours.. ahhh.. now i have to think of some new things to say.. (fist shaking the air) damn you this and that….

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