Weekly Travel Theme – Flowers

Was out looking for something to blog on the travel theme photo and I came across this field of Brown Eyed Susan’s. Ok maybe it wasn’t a field but there seemed to be a lot of them and for the record, I prefer a Brown Eyed Girl…. Ok , I mean Blue Eyed for real … but you get it right? You know the song? Hey this is ‘This that and whatever else I can think of” and well… that’s what I could think of…. ok…ok…. let’s get to the photo….

P.S… never do a post after a few glasses of wine…. Red… Pinot Noir – Windy Peak – Australian



11 thoughts on “Weekly Travel Theme – Flowers

  1. It looks like a bed of flowers, and after drinking all that wine it would have been a nice place for you to pass out, oops I mean fall asleep!! LOL!!! Just kidding. Hey, I just had an idea. You should go back there and take a picture of your wife sitting amongst the flowers like you did with the wheat field. That would be beautiful!!

      1. generally if he can’t steal them from the courthouse or a park… I dont get any. Though I did get some delivered to work the other day… a nice surprise! He must be getting pointers from you!!!

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