Weekly Photo Challenge – Purple (2)

As I was browsing many of the weekly photo challenge entries and I noticed many folks have posted flowers or other types of flora, in fact I did just that yesterday. So today I wondered what should I post? I was looking around and decided that often when we take a shot at dusk or as the sun is about to set we often see a number of reflections in the colour of light. Purple is often one of those colours.

I love the town I live in. Stratford, Ontario offers many photographic opportunities. Our downtown core is a photographers dream with a mix of old buildings, artsy designs and wonderful gardens. Once such area is the waterfront or Victoria Lake which is connected to the Avon River system of Huron-Perth. The Stratford Courthouse is a wonderful structure. I took this shot as the sun began to set.  I see bit of purple in the sky in this one……

Thanks for tuning in to me again today….



6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Purple (2)

    1. It actually has a bit of a purple in the shingle I think… I hadn’t even noticed until you mentioned that… then I had to stop when I was driving by recently to see….

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