Hey Arnel….does this work?

Happy hump day everyone. I am going to do something a little different today. I had originally thought I would post something on the weekly travel theme today. However, sometimes things change. As we all know our followers are key to what we do here on WordPress and of course without those followers I would simply be posting something into cyber space and nothing would come from it. Our followers give us a purpose, they become a part of your everyday (in a different kind of way, of course) and they offer you words of encouragement, they give you ideas and of course they sometime offer some constructive thoughts. Take for example, my friend and fellow blogger Arnel.  Arnel and I have never met but she follows my blog and I follow hers. She leaves comments on mine and I do likewise. Its kinda like “you show me yours and I’ll show you mine”.  Thus, in the community of bloggers, we are friends. If you have not ever checked out Arnel’s blog please do. Arnel writes a beautiful blog entitled “All things boys“. It’s the story of her adventures as she and her husband raise three boys and includes some great photography. I like to look at it as “one mothers journey’. Check her out, I think you will find it very funny, thought-provoking and at times empowering.

So where am I going with all of this. Well, the other day I posted on my blog the following picture:

One thing I love about Photography or Art in general, is that it is very subjective. What something looks like to me can look so different to others. I also love it when I see comments on a particular post. Of course, even though we can scrutinize comments before they go ‘live’ I figure if you put it out there then you should be ready to hear what people say even if you don’t find it appealing. I enjoy seeing or hearing what works for some and what works for others. After all, if we are truly trying to appeal and draw more to our blogs then we really should listen to what folks offer in some constructive criticism. It also helps to make us better at the craft we have chosen.

So long story short, as I was going through some of the comments many of you have left on my post’s, I came across one from Arnel and she suggested the following:

“Great subject!  I love looking at those rolls of hay, mostly because they are so deceiving in size!  I saw one loaded on a truck bed once–just one cause that’s all that would fit.  O.K., maybe a tiny critique…what do you think about cropping a tiny bit off the bottom horizontally.  Not enough to lose the effect of the depth of the field, but just enough to remove the close hay role?  That said, it’s a great photo.  The cropping is a matter of opinion.  :-)

So, after we exchanged a couple of more messages, I decided to follow Arnel’s advice and crop the shot.  Not only did I crop it but I went a bit further and adjusted the sky a bit,  I played with the tones and then used the content aware tool in Photoshop to remove the roll of hay that Arnel felt should be gone.  I was pleasantly pleased with results. I also did some B&W conversion but want to work on those a bit more.

This is the new image as requested by Arnel…. I hope she likes it and I hope you all like it.

Cheers everyone


24 thoughts on “Hey Arnel….does this work?

    1. And thank you for that opinion. I must admit I liked both shots… the original and the altered. They both do very different things me thinks!

    1. Interesting in that when I originally selected this shot I choose it because of the direction the front bale was facing. I thought it drew some nice contrast to the rest of the shot. I should add however, that i also liked the results from Arnel’s suggestion. Just goes to show how one photograph can become many different things to many different people.

  1. Oh well! I see so far everyone likes the original better! I’m amazed at the difference though. I am jealous, I do not know how to remove items from photos, and wish I did. I confess to liking the second a bit better, but am still wondering about cropping, LOL. It is a lovely photo though.

    1. Thanks Arnel…. When I went to crop the shot, I found that I was taking too much out of the photo in order to remove the front bale. It left me with a very skinny picture and placed the bale on the front left side at the front of the image. So what I thought I should do was Crop the shot in the foreground (which I did) and then remove the bale with Photoshop and I found that worked by drawing the lines of the field in line with the remaining bales. Feel free to download the original and play around with it to see what you think.
      I did find that removing the front bale did give a different perspective to the shot. I liked your idea and thanks not only for the suggestion but for also giving me something to write about in yesterday’s post…. lately I have been having some major writers block! This daily blogging can really play havoc with one’s ideas or lack thereof.

      1. It was a great job! I reblogged it too! Writers block is awful. I get it, but then all I have to do is spend time around the boys. They are so funny, sometimes when they are being crazy I’ll suddenly shout, “Great blogging material, thanks!” They shout, “Oh Noooooooo!” 🙂

  2. OK, I’ll jump in with my opinion. I like the crop and think it is better with the near bale gone. I found it too dominant and it kept dragging my eye back and away from the rest of the photo. An aside – I watched one of the balers once as it rattled and jiggled and groaned and then, magically spit out a huge round bale nicely secured with twine. It was like watching the baler give birth. 🙂 I’d sure like to see what goes on in there as it rattles and jiggles. (And I enjoy Arnel’s blog too)

    1. Thanks for the comment and thanks for visiting my site. I assume you don’t want to be in the baler while seeing what goes on in there of course…. 🙂

  3. Hi, Steven. Sorry I haven’t been around much, but internet access was hard to get in rural France. I’m trying to catch up with my mail and fellow bloggers posts and I’ve just seen this. I’ve shown both photos to Peter and we both agree we prefer the original shot with the close up roll of hay! Nice topic too. 🙂

    1. Well… Welcome back Fatima, I wondered what had happened to you… thought maybe you were all caught up in the Olympics… Hope all is well…

  4. Great post and I agree with you.. both shots are great. I tend to crop about 90% of mine.. do work with black and white.. maybe not with this one in particular but with people.. it’s awesome and tends to make photos pretty timeless. I love B/W of people and city scapes especially.. nicely done…

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