Portrait Practice…Still Required

So yesterday we decided to take a bit of a road trip and we ended up in Port Elgin, Ontario. A beautiful little town, on the shores of Lake Huron. The area is known as Ontario’s West Coast (well that’s what the signs said).  The journey from Stratford took about 2.5 to 3 hrs with some stops along the way for some photo ops!  Now it’s been sometime since I attempted to do any portraits and of course with my new Nikon I am still feeling my away around the camera. All that being said, I was suggesting to Vanda that once again I would need her to be my model and well pose for me, she is such a sport really!  I didn’t have a plan and I certainly was not about to bring along a bunch of flashes and stands. This portrait adventure would be hand-held and for the most part spontaneous. If we saw a good spot we would stop and see what we could get. I should also let you know that I did get some other landscape and flower shots as well (shared later this week no doubt!). Over all, it was a good photo driveabout (sic) (and not a walkabout).

My only complaint was that it was very hot (as was my model!) and of course the sun was high in the sky and harsh (I know, I know..early morning or evening but hey…it was Sunday and we like to sleep in!). This made some of the results a bit tragic in that my poor sweet model was often squinting and fighting the reflection of the sun in her bright blue eyes. Anyway, I am not as pleased as I could be with the results as I know I should have and could have had better results. Perhaps we will do some progression over the next few weeks and see if there is any improvement. Hope you don’t get sick of my model!

Kneeling in the grass

A bench on the beach

So cute huh….
Eyes are shut…Sheesh.. how did I miss that!




10 thoughts on “Portrait Practice…Still Required

  1. It doesn’t matter that it wasn’t the ideal time of day for photographs, these are amazing, especially the last two!! She’s beautiful – I hope you know how lucky you are LOL!!! We took a drive along the shores of Lake Huron recently too, but I was in lighthouse picture mode. I will be sharing those photos really soon :).

  2. Didn’t quite notice that these weren’t taken early morning/late afternoon. They did turn out really good. Portraiture is something I need to practice on…

    1. Thank you… only a pro would have noticed the eyes shut…. Actually there was something blowing that was making her squint and sneeze so we just snapped a ran (plus we didnt want the farmer to see us messing with his crop)!

  3. These are wonderful, My favourite is the “eye shut” personally. People don’t notice the eyes are shut… they are focused on the beautiful colour contrast you created! Very well done, I wish I had a model to practice my portrait too… mine is much less co-operative!!!

  4. Really nice! I like the one of her in the field, even if her eyes are shut! I also like the second one of her on the bench. She looks relaxed and happy (not that she’s not in the other pictures, it’s just more apparent here). What model Nikon did you get?

    1. thanks.. I am using the D5100 in these shots (and I mostly use Manual mode). I love it actually as it has all the abilities to play with but you can still just point and shoot on auto if you like.

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