Creative Block…

I am stumped…. I need something to post and I can’t think of anything that inspires me. I have searched for ideas, looked at some of the different themes\ideas on WordPress and still no inspiration. I am not sure why? What could it be holding me back. I probably need a trip somewhere to get out of my lull. Question is where?

I have thought a lot lately about lots of things. As you know, my mom passed a few weeks back and of course that always weighs on your mind. I worry about my dad, how is he coping, what can I do to help him. Is there something more I should be doing. Maybe that where my mental block is coming from. Maybe its just the fact that its summer time now and well I would rather be outside enjoying the nice weather (which only lasts for a few seconds it seems in my neck of the woods), you know don’t want to miss a minute of the sunshine.

Then again, perhaps I am just being lazy.  Maybe I just need to get out and find something that inspires me. Something that catches my attention. Something that I can write about, shoot and then share.  However the question remains what? Do you want to see more plant life, flowers or insects? Tons of other blogs have that. What can I do that separates me from the others? What can I share that would make people stop in their tracks and send a message along that just simply says “WOW”.  It is at this point my friends, that the creative block arrives to fuddle it all up for me…… think boy think….. in the meantime… while I am thinking or stumbling along enjoy this little gem….

The shot has nothing to do with my post. I took this in the ancient Greek city of Ephesus, a wonderous place that when under Roman rule, had a population of over 250,000 people. This is the Library of Celsus.


15 thoughts on “Creative Block…

  1. Isn’t Ephesus the most wonderful ruined city? And the Library? Walking along those carefully paved streets, walking into those houses, imagining Paul coming here and exhorting the people he met to follow him in the ways of his Lord was the first time history really came to life for me. How lucky I am you’re having a dose of ennui because I don’t suppose you would have posted this great photograph of the library otherwise. Thanks for the memory prompt!

    1. A wonderous place indeed. The thought of a city that stood over 3000 years ago with running hot and cold water and public washrooms is amazing. We think we are advanced! Glad I could take you back

  2. Well Stephen, You Do Great Work. I’d say the block is a transition period and will pass. No matter what we may suggest it is your passion that matters. For my 2¢… “Your skills are way above bugs my friend… Peace”

  3. Just get in the car and go for a drive. That’s what I did and it really helped. You don’t have to go far – just somewhere you have never been before or haven’t been to in a long time. It snapped me right out of my slump :). By the way, that photo is great and made a strange thought pop into my head. I looked at it and immediately thought of building houses out of playing cards when I was a kid. Strange how my mind works sometimes :).

  4. We all have strange minds at times… thats what keeps us creative… thanks for the thoughts and words…. maybe one day we will meet up as we journey to fill our blogs, after all we don’t live that far apart really…. I have often stopped in your town at this great little hotdog and fries place… I think there is a mill right behind it… another great location for shots!

    1. LOL – are you thinking about the wrong town again? We really aren’t that far apart, but I think you are thinking of Dundas again. I live in Dundalk. I don’t think we have a good hotdog and fries place. I wish we did!! 🙂 LOL

      1. Actually I was once again confused and was thinking of Durham…. Sheesh…. if you ever go through there they have a great hot dog place!

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