Ford and De Soto

After an up and down week, I decided I needed something fun to do last weekend so I grabbed my Nikon and headed out to a local car show that was happening in town. Now I am not a big fan of cars, nor do they give me that high that many get from them. However, it is very cool to go and see how different car hobbyist have restored some classic vehicles from the ages. So, the fact that I am not really a car enthusiast is really irrelevant. The real fact is, you can get some great shots at a car show.  As a hobbyist in the field of photography you have to be excited about those opportunities… So … after a few days off from my blog,  today I offer you my perspective of a 1932 Ford Street Rod and of course a classic 1932 Chrysler Desoto.

Thanks for sticking with me during my absence….


3 thoughts on “Ford and De Soto

  1. I’m no car buff either, but when the bride pulled up in her dad’s vintage car at a wedding I was at a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t help take a bunch of photos. Something about the shape of the lines is really captivating.

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