Poetry Thursday (even tho its really Friday) – Friends

Good morning everyone. Wow, what a week! Am I ever glad we have hit the weekend! My fingers are crossed for some fun shenanigans all weekend long. The past week has been incredibly busy for me and as I stated in my last post I have been a bit tardy in getting to you, what you want to see. That’s right, stuff about me.  You know what I mean, This that and whatever else I can think of. So today, I give you Poetry Thursday on Friday. I mean after all, for many of my followers who live on the other side of the international date line Poetry Thursday is always Friday anyway…. of course this week it will be Saturday… hmm….

The Weekly Photo Challenge this week was, as many of you know, about Friendship.  As I was thinking about what theme or idea I could come up with for this weeks poem and of course the photograph to match,  I came across a poem that my lovely partner wrote many years ago for a very close friend of hers. So today my featured poet is none other than my best friend, my life partner and quite frankly someone who I always turn to for her wisdom and thoughts (and today one of her poems), my beautiful lady, Vanda Ellis. If you have read any of my posts you already know who she is and her picture has frequented this blog often and more often. This past Valentines Day, I of course featured her here.

I hope you enjoy the poem she wrote for her friend!

We are not the same age, background or gender.

So, are we friends because we are different?

Do we share this bond of friendship because

regardless of which side of an issue we are on,

we are still on the same side?

We talk about everything or nothing.

No need for pretense, no need to keep score.

Shoot from the hip, tell it like it is!

Appreciating the others opinion.

Often agreeing but free to disagree.

No fear of reprisal

Point of view? Another perspective!

Because I am me and you are you

Compromise. Room for growth.

Expand our minds, fill our hearts.

trust the only expectation.

Vanda Ellis

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