Poetry Thursday – Grief

Well,  hard to believe that the week is just blowing us by and we are already at Thursday. I love the push to the weekend… Everyday I thank my Union for the weekend!

Of course being Thursday, that means it’s time for Poetry Thursday. For those of you who are new to my blog or just visiting for the first time, Poetry Thursday is a theme I do every Thursday and the idea is I take one of my photographs and then I search for a poem that I think matches the picture I have chosen.

In my hometown of Stratford, Ontario as in most cities and towns, we have a memorial dedicated to the memory of those local men and women who have served our country in the two world wars. Today’s photo is a head shot I took of the statue at this memorial. The memorial which I will feature in a future post (you can’t have it all in one) was designed and built by W.S Allward who also designed the Vimy Ridge Memorial in France.

Now back to the reason for the post…. The reason I choose this photo today is because of the expression on the face of the statue. It seems in my mind, to be a look of sorrow and pain. As I zoomed in on this shot I noticed that the wear of the weather over time seems to have left streaks on the face that seem to me as tears… thus today I have chosen “Grief” as our topic. Our Poem today comes from the writings of a famous author and poet Anne Morrow Lindbergh, who I suppose had her own share of grief in her life. Thanks for coming out again today and I hope you like today’s theme.

 Grief can’t be shared

Everyone carries it alone

His own burden

His own way


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