Avon River – HDR

I have to admit that I am far from being a HDR expert. In fact, I seldom do it (HDR I mean). I’ll also admit that I am not really a huge fan of the process but that I will occasionally dabble a bit.  I do enjoy viewing HDR shots as they do at times seem very appealing and of course can add an entire different element or interpretation to a shot. On the other hand, often they seem a bit over saturated and just to blown out. The real fact of the matter is, I am usually just top damn lazy to bother with HDR.  I mean really, it is a lot of work.  To do it right, you need to lug your tripod around with you, play with different exposures and of course find the right program to process them afterward. I suppose I could take the easy way out and simply set my Nikon to the HDR setting, however is it really an HDR shot then? I think not, I mean would you prefer mashed potatoes from a box when you can peel them, cook them, add some garlic and mash them up?

Despite my rantings above, when I was out on my photo walk a few weeks ago I decided to try to experiment a little and play with some HDR shots. You know, see what I could do and see how they would turn out. If it was even close to “not so bad” maybe, just maybe,  I could bring myself to do it more often. I didn’t take a tripod with me, so I simply braced myself, set up my location or rather picked my location (nature actually set up my location) and choose some different exposures. The results are below. Not the best you have ever seen I am sure, but it just might be enough to get me to experiment a little more and see if I can actually get good at this…. maybe… just maybe….


12 thoughts on “Avon River – HDR

    1. HDR is an acronym that stands for “High Dynamic Range”. Basically you set up a shot with numerous exposures and later combine multiple shots and blend into one final image. It’s a long process at times, but the finished product is worth the extra work.

      The images can vary greatly from photo-realistic (as seen on this page) or super surrealistic. Either way it’s fun stuff!

  1. Hey, thanks for the link to my HDR post.

    No tripod?! But I started throwing a tripod in my trunk and leaving it there! I’m on my 2nd HDR in a month now so apparently my new method works:)

  2. Hi

    I have been shooting HDR now for over three years – quite simple to start but maybe a bit tricky to refine. I am not a fan of Over Cooked HDR, but rather like to keep it real….nice blog posts and images! Really enjoying them!

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