Poetry Thursday – Shells

It’s Thursday and that of course means it’s time for our weekly poetry feature. Today, I have chosen some shells as the photo to share. If you have ever been to Florida’s west coast you will find tons of shells. I thought this picture turned out pretty good but feel free to let me know if you didn’t or what you think.

Today’s guest poet is a gentleman by the name of Eric Cockrell. He has written poetry for over 40 years and has self published a number of his writings.  Enjoy!

Simple Shells

simple shells, formed by time, and experience….
once carried by life, now left behind, a gift? or just memory…
echoing the sound of waves pounding some far off shore….
waiting for the hands of a child!


6 thoughts on “Poetry Thursday – Shells

  1. Waiting for the hands of a child? You should see me on the beach collecting shells like there is no tomorrow and how many I have in my house as candle holders, on top of plant pots to stop water evaporating, in the garden to prevent slugs eating my precious flowers and as an ornament on the borders. Shells are NOT just for children.
    Nice photo, though. 🙂

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